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It Never Tasted So Good to Save The Planet

I Amsterdam bliver en nordisk forelskelse begyndelsen på et nyt liv og ankomsten af en søn sender den nye familie videre mod Danmark. Fra tilflytterens perspektiv dokumenterer finske Jonne Kuusisto sin indvandring gennem intime hverdagsglimt fra familielivet i en forstad til København. Jonnes billeder akkompagneres af et digt skrevet af hans danske kæreste Mathilde på parrets nuværende fællessprog; engelsk.


Oh my child,
let me tell you of the night you were sent to me,
in a breath drawn while beating bodies repeated the rules,
that were made for us,
grasping and reaching for things you could not see.
You were a girl not a boy,
and your name was rain. 

Oh my child how softly your father spoke to you,
asking you to grow to be strong to appear,
how long those nights were,
the hours that were once ours,
with minutes or fingers clenching,
or grasping for things we could not see,
not knowing the power you held in your little palm.

Oh my child how beautifully you blossom inside me,
outside of me,
longing for air, light,
life growing in and out of my arms,
of your fathers gentle hands,
so precise in his movements when I cried for your arrival;
and you tied him to me through rain or tears, 
or something thicker than water.

Oh my child,
how softly the rain fell on your fathers face,
that night you blossomed inside me.